10 Bikini Care tips by Lisa Dorian of Kimi & Li

Living in Hawaii I spend most of my days in bikinis.  Now that I spend upwards of $200 dollars on some of my favorite suits it’s important to take care of these prized possessions.  So I asked a few of our BikiniBird friends their guidelines on proper care and those secrets that keep their suits amazing!  Show your bikinis the love they deserve!

Lisa Dorian – Kimi & Li
Mandy Robinson-Design Director of Billabong Juniors
Naomi Newirth – Acacia Swimwear
 Shannon Lewis-Redy – Bububululu Malibu
1. Use a mild hand soap or a very mild detergent made for delicate fabrics and hand wash only. – MR

Avoid  chlorine whenever possible because it really damages the suit. – SLR
3. When you do change out of your bikini and it’s still wet, don’t wrap it up in a towel. The moisture from the suit will get trapped in the towel and generate heat which can degrade the elastics in the fabric. -LD
4. Before you wear a colorful sarong, drag it through the oceanwater, dry it in the sun and then wash it. The salt sets the dye so it won’t rub onto your skin. -LD
5. Remove trapped sand by gently running your fingernail along fabric after bikini has dried out. – MR
6. Seltzer water can help lift out minerals and salt from your suit – LD
7. I hand wash my bikinis in cold water with a dash of Aveda color care shampoo! It seems to do the trick because I have been wearing the same suits for years! -SLR
8.If your suit has metal beading or thread work you can soak your suit overnight every once in awhile in woolight to combat oxidation- LD
9. When applying oil based sun tan lotions, avoid direct contact with your swimsuit since the oils will naturally cause the swimsuit elastics to breakdown. -MR
10. Do not put your suits in the washer or dryer.  Drip dry in tropical air out of sunlight. -NN

 by lisa dorian (www.kimiandlibikini.com) for Bikinibird.com

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