MUTHER OF ALL THINGS | Marisa Sidoti & Joceline Godfrey

Swimwear line MUTHER OF ALL THINGS by Marisa Sidoti & Joceline Godfrey is dripping with the cool girl vibe yet maintains it’s perfect marriage of style and function.  We got to steal some time and get to know a little more about what inspires MOAT…

 creative master minds, Marisa Sidoti & Joceline Godfrey

BB:The name is amazing, where’d the name come from?

MOAT: Muther of All Things was waiting to be used at the right time and it has quite a profound meaning. Muther being the earth and all things we are intrinsically connected to. It symbolizes strength and beauty.

BB:Seems like you both have a deep connections with nature, how does nature effect how you live, design, etc?

MOAT: Joc and I were both raised in a very natural environments and our love for the bush and beach is second nature to our souls. We live in beautiful Byron Bay, surrounded by national parks. We have also spent lots of time traveling to amazing parts of the world and it is where we have chosen to live very simply. We met in South India, in Goa about 16 years ago. If the truth be known we are neon hippies from way back. Where our love for freedom, color and appreciation for underground culture has pretty much paved the path to where we are today.

 BB: How long has MOAT been around and what inspired it’s conception?

MOAT: We only started less than 2 years ago. Our first collection, “Facets of She” launched in December of 2010. We are excited to launch our 2nd collection-The Ocean is my Playground. We have come up with a few new concepts and created something that all women can be a part of.

 BB: What is the concept behind MOAT?

MOAT: The concept came from wanting to create style as well as function from a fresh point of view.

 BB: Do you both collaborate on the designs? Brand? How do you guys work together/compliment one another?

MOAT: We both design individual pieces and collaborate on others and the brand. Of course we each have our individual strengths. Joc loves her prints and I love co-creating film and styling both our film and look books. We will always run ideas past each other, because that`s the fun part of working together.

 BB: Wetsuits seems to be a main focus of MOAT, was the “wetsuit” a main inspiration of MOAT?

MOAT: The wetsuit and the swimwear component of MOAT are like siblings, one was born before the other, but they are both as important as the other. We introduced the Frankie Wet Jacket last season and it certainly turned some heads and revealed that MOAT is much more than Neoprene.

BB What kind of role does the beach lifestyle play in the designs of MOAT?

MOAT: Moat is definitely a beach inspired-label, due to the fact that we live in Byron Bay and surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the lifestyle surrounding us is all about the beach. Something we relate to having grown up by the ocean most of our lives. We are also conscious about that burning Aussie sun, and the increasing amount of female surfers which has moved us to creating stylish sun protective rash tops and long sleeve surf swim suits, for protection and fun.

 BB: How would you describe the typical MOAT girl?

MOAT: The MOAT girl is the girl who is not afraid to be herself. She is strong, free, healthy and a little fashion forward. She is an individual and of course she loves the ocean.

BB: Style or Function or both?

MOAT: Both and more. Good design, good quality and superb functionality are such an important part of every MOAT piece.

BB: What are some of the key designs in the current collection? What is the idea behind newest collection?

MOAT: Some of the key pieces would have to be the Lenny 11, it is specifically designed for the surf with long sleeves, zip up back, sun smart and super sexy. Then you have the Tuxe , a sophisticated cap sleeved one piece with a plunging V neck line, super hot.



We have decided to keep our ever popular Edi Wet Shorts made from Neoprene designed to protect your hip bones to go back with one of our elegant rara frill rash tops. Again with this range we always want to deliver something fresh and this season it took the flavor of soft femininity and fun.

BB: Where can we buy MOAT?

MOAT: We sell on line , Carousel Bondi Sydney ,Samara Resort Seminyak Bali, Love From Lucy Burleigh Heads and Fat 4 Melbourne . And hopefully soon the USA. For enquiries please email info@ as an international shop online is being created now.

BB: What’s next for MOAT?

MOAT: Collaborating with artists and creative people to continue it`s growth. We have some amazing things in the works for 2012.

BB: Words to live by?

MOAT: TRUTH, BE, LOVE, and keep it real…


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